Our Values

We at Palmyra Grace are a values-driven church.  We are a living, breathing culture of shared core values among all members of our body. These values provide the foundation and guiding principles for our decision-making, our actions, and our sense of community.  We invite anyone to join in our efforts to fulfill our mission, while staying true to that we value most - The gospel of Jesus Christ.  We aim to be a church where freedom is found in being grounded in our foundation and flexible in our methods.

Passionate Spirituality


    We prioritize prayer as foundational and essential to everything we do.

    We believe if you get into God’s word daily and the Word will get into you.

    We design dynamic worship services that impact lives on Monday.

    We welcome and respond to the voice, guidance, and leading of the Holy Spirit.


Relational Community


    We see disciple-making as the call of every believer.

    We intentionally move people from rows to circles.

    We purposefully invest in the discipleship of all ages.

    We believe that disciples do life together in the mess.


Missional Presence


    We will influence our community so that if we left it would be obvious.

    We view stewardship through the lens of generosity.

    We see our neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and community as our mission field.

    We intentionally organize our ministry to do a few things and do them well.


We will not budge from the mission to make disciples;

everything else is just an experiment.



For more information on what we believe go to the Charis Fellowship