WOMEN'S Retreat

Our Annual Women's Retreat will be held the weekend of February 23-25. 

Speaker (pictured left) - Diane Brask is from a small farming community in Fredric WI. She has been in the ministry for over 30 years. Her focus in on unreached people groups. She travels to the least evangelized parts of the world and partners with indigenous missionaries/pastors. She trains, encourages and finds practical ways to make their ministries more fruitful and effective. She is a gifted speaker and speaks frequently in churches regarding missions or in conferences. She is the founder of Global Seed Planters a 503c non profit dedicated to spreading the gospel to the far corners of the world.

Our Topic for the Retreat: The Fruitful life

Our retreat will be held at the Christian Retreat Center in East Waterford, PA. We will be staying in the White Oak Lodge, a premier facility located in the Tuscarora mountains of central Pennsylvania. The Lodge has 24 rooms each with two queen size beds and a private bathroom. There are two lounges with fireplaces and a beautiful view of the grounds.

Website: www.crctims.org

Rates - single room $150

              double room $140

            triple room $130

            quad room $120

              Just for the day on Saturday is $20 which includes the noon meal

The White Oak Lodge

369 CRC Drive

East Waterford, PA 17021