children's ministry

Here at Palmyra Grace our Children's Ministry is thriving. We strive to teach children about God and His great and matchless love for them.

The purpose of the children's ministry is to help children learn how to worship God with their lives and grow in their faith This happens through meaningful songs, attention-getting Bible stories, active play, and interactive discussion time. We want each child to know God, understand faith, and be challenged to live that faith out in practical ways. We believe children are "the body of Christ, and each a part of it." (1 Corinthians 12:27)

Children have opportunities to learn and live this out through our various children's activities such as:

  • Children's Church at 9:00 am -Children start out in the worship service and are dismissed at 9:20 am to go to Children's Church.
  • Children of Grace or COG - Sundays during the worship service. Children start out in the worship service and are dismissed at 11:05 am to go to COG.
  • Check out these resources for our Children's Ministry &

Lasting friendships are formed here as children play, laugh, and learn together.