Food FROM THe Heart Ministry

FOOD FROM  THE  HEART Palmyra Grace Church is pleased to offer a new ministry called Food From The Heart. This ministry is designed to provide our church family with opportunities for fun, fellowship, and hands-on mission work via the preparation and distribution of meals to our friends, neighbors, and others in our community who are in need.

Any individual/family/group affiliated with Palmyra Grace is welcome to prepare food for FFH use and store it in the FFH freezer for distribution, after notifying someone on the FFH Committee and reviewing some very basic food safety policies.

Anyone who is in need or knows of someone in need may take meals {and desserts, if available) from the FFH freezer and deliver them. We are also working on getting notecards to deliver along with the meals that contain a prayer of thanksgiving, our church website, information about how to request prayer, and open space to accommodate a personal note.

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Contact Pam Garver at

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    Food From The Heart Video