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When God calls us to Himself, He does so for a very specific purpose. God will never do something great through us until He does something significant in us first. He wants to use someone whose heart is completely His.

Nehemiah was a normal, everyday, average guy who develops a burden in his heart for the brokenness he encounters.  He has a radical faith and a courageous soul, and determines to do what God is calling him to with great faith.  Throughout his story, Nehemiah exercises personal commitment and has a profound ability to adapt as both a practical and spiritual leader. His heart breaks for broken walls and he does something about it.

Does God really have a purpose for you?
If you give yourself to Him, He will plant a burden inside you that will grow into a holy discontent – you will identify a broken wall that wrecks you – and you just have to be a part of it. If you let God have your whole heart, He will mess with your life, and like Nehemiah, He will use you to impact the world in ways you could never even imagine.